Chicago’s “Vaccine Angel” is a 15-year-old freshman in high school
One teenager on the North Side is managing a team of 50 volunteers who find COVID-19 vaccine appointments for seniors throughout the Chicago area.
Here’s why healthy young people need the COVID-19 vaccine
covid-19~Kids need a COVID shot and teens need a booster to protect them and others from hospitalization and death from virus variants.
Teen who helped Chicagoans get vaccinated applauds CDC approval of Pfizer shots for kids
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky signed off on more than 28 million children, age 5-11 years of age, receiving the dose.
Volunteers collaborate with doctors to help more Chicagoans get vaccinated
CHICAGO — Thanks to a group known as the Chicago Vaccine Angels, an 89-year-old woman who lives in Bridgeport was able to get her vaccine without even leaving her apartment. The group has teamed up…
‘Vaccine angels’ are working through the night to book shots for people in danger of getting left behind
The “vaccine angels” say they’ve booked vaccine appointments for more than 1,250 elderly people and frontline workers in the Chicago area.
‘Mentsch of the highest order’: Jewish teen helps register hundreds for vaccine
Benjamin Kagan, 14, spends up to 10 hours a day helping those in need access a vaccine.
15-Year-Old Helps Thousands Get COVID-19 Vaccines
After helping his grandparents get COVID-19 vaccines, Benjamin Kagan decided to use his tech skills to help others struggling to book appointments.
Vaccinations help to reunite families separated by cross-country social distancing
The shared experience of isolation is beginning to be replaced by reunions.
Batavia woman honored for helping seniors book vaccine shots
In the throes of the pandemic, senior citizens throughout the Batavia region found the almost “Hunger Games” like battle to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment to be not only frustrating, but downright daunting.
IL COVID vaccine volunteers help disabled and homebound people get vaccinated
Now that COVID vaccine supply has increased and appointments are more readily available, volunteers are focusing on getting disabled and homebound people vaccinated.